Thai Express

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Thai Express

1. Sa-nook

Sa – nook In Thai means “fun & enjoy”. We would like all customers to enjoy and have fun at ThaiExpress. That is our mission.

2. ThaiExpress greetings

“It’s going to be one of the rides you’ll enjoy!” – this is the familiar greeting for the new staff of the restaurant across the ThaiExpress system.

Menu and numbers

30 people from around the world in the Thai Chef Research and Development group in Singapore and our Chef Consultant in Thailand make this impressive menu.
You have to pass 130 times on each menu item, until all the chefs raise their thumbs, then the new dish is agreed to serve you.

4. History 200 years

Dessert Look Chup – a famous dessert that has a history of about two centuries according to Thai books
Every 10 minutes – to make a batch Look Chup is a process of paying attention to the details and patience to make this beautiful and delicious dessert.

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